International LGBTI Support Project “Refugees Kenya and Senegal”

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Our association, called International LGBTI Support, is working at full speed to help LGBTI people in Africa. As you know, the situation is very difficult; many African countries impose harsh penalties to homosexual people. The most recent cases took place in Gambia and in Uganda, but many other countries such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia are setting an example. Our association wants to support those who are forced to leave their country and seek the status of Refugees and Asylum in other cities.

Now, thanks to the programs of our association, Support Uganda, we are conducting thorough research on the situation of refugees in Kenya and Senegal, where people live in poor conditions due to the lack of necessities; the dorms are crowded, there are no blankets and no soap. People flee their countries because of persecution; in Uganda, LGBTI people are tortured, deprived of their jobs and their homes and, in the most serious cases, they are killed. Since they have little money, they cannot go away and therefore they are obliged to hide in nearby towns not to be recognized. After the approval of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, in February 2014, by President Yoweri Museveni, a new wave of hatred hit Uganda; even though in August the law was considered unconstitutional because of a legal loophole, the strong discrimination against homosexuals does not seem to stop. In the last period, even Gambia has toughened penalties for LGBTI people.

This situation has caused a new wave of refugees and Senegal has been assaulted. International LGBTI Support wants to make people aware of the terrible situation Sexual Minorities are experiencing in Africa and to provide real help to those who are suffering. Some fund raising activities had already been promoted, but in the end they failed. So we want to commit ourselves in a serious program that could offer a real support.
We propose to create a strong coalition with other associations and to discuss this problem together, showing our surveys and, in the future, the results of our campaign.

Anyone who would like to join this project or to give a small donation to aid LGBTI people in Africa can find at the end of this document our bank account data. If you want to join or help, please write to:

We are looking for partner organizations to promote the initiative. You will find the name of all the associations on our website under the category “Partner” to thank them for their support. We will welcome any further information, material or data for our research.
International LGBTI Support and all his staff thank you all for your cooperation.

Director Manager

Tobias Pellicciari

Campagn for RefugeesImage Aldo Soligno

Global Support International Human Rights

BBAN                           E 01030 36760 000001132654
IBAN              IT    30   E 01030 36760 000001132654
BIC                                  PASCITM1450

More information :

If you want, you can complete our survey on the persecution of sexual minorities in Africa in order to facilitate our work:




Thanks for your cooperation.

Director Manager

Tobias Pellicciari



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