Fundamental rights and discrimination of Sexual Minorities in Uganda, the Anti–Homosexuality Act.

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The event will be held in the University of Law in Bologna, on Friday 16th 2016, at 6 p.m. o’clock.

International LGBTI Support, in collaboration with Amnesty International, wants to propose a broader view of discrimination, during this event it wants to talk about discrimination based on sexual orientation and the gender identity in Africa, a little discussed subject in Europe and in a very superficial way.
The intent is to inform and awaken our public to discriminations suffered by LGBTI community in many countries of Africa and is determined to shed light on the path that has been done in these years by activists in order to fight this persistent social marginalization of the homosexual community and bring to everyone fundamental human rights.
We would like to touch, in an exhaustive way, on the anti – sodomy law problem, which had different evolutions in these years, passing from before the decree introduced in 2009 by the delegate David Bahati until 2014 when Anti–Homosexuality Act was approved, then fallen because of a legal quibble.

Also introducing a short speech on political advantages that this form of legislation has brought in the country. From the support that the religious Anglican groups operating in Uganda and abroad have been receiving. We will enter into the regrettable occurrence of American financings brought by many Anglican groups in order to promote homophobia in the country.
Until we get to the unpleasant events happened during a “Gay Event” proposed by the activists of LGBTI movement to celebrate the usual week of Pride, as it happens since five years by now, unfortunately threatened by the draconian laws of Ugandan government.
In order to explain better all of these passages, we will present a piece of a documentary film, “God Loves Uganda”, already proposed during a meeting in Bruxelles, where the hard situation of LGBTI community in the country will be illustrated.
The event will be divided in three parts, each of the reporters will have 25 minutes, not to make the argument heavier and make the dialogue more fluent. We will touch on three fundamental points.

• In the first part the theme of the Ugandan legislation will be touched, its evolution. The legislation Anti – gay of Uganda will be discussed, when was it instituted, how was it modified in the years, the reason why of this changes, and its effects on society and on fundamental rights, too. Also talking briefly of the international community’s interventions to contrast this phenomenon. About how the society in Africa lives homosexuality and occidental influences which inserted the homophobia seed in the country.

• In the second part we will try to explain how the anti – gay law influences the society and the work of LGBTI activists and the NGOs on the territory. Introducing briefly the tragic epilogue of David Kato’s story, a famous Ugandan activist, who died for human rights. Connecting to the theme proposed by the “documentary” we will explain the American Anglican Preachers phenomenon, and the role that the Anglican Church played in the law Anti – Homosexuality Bill promotion. But also because this law is so useful to political forces and how it is used by the President Museveni.

• In the last and third part we will talk firstly about the present-day events and several events happened during the Ugandan Gay Pride 2016 week, where extreme violence interventions have been mentioned towards LGBTI community from security force. Until we get to September 27th events where the Parade proposed by activists for the day of gay pride has been blocked, we will read you some lines of the speech of a Ugandan activist, Jaqueline Kasha, in the frontline of the fight against discrimination in response to the words of the Minister of ethics Simon Lokodo. Talking about what to do to contrast the government’s strong power.

In the end we will leave you a little space for comments, questions, doubts and debate. Our interest is to give a clear and correct vision of what sexual discrimination and gender identity imply in Uganda, in the various African countries. Hoping that the event will please you.

The movie showing will be in English language, the event will be held in Italian language, informative material and complete documents will be supplied.

The project’s Director

Tobias Pellicciari

Email :

Translation by

Chiara Lana

Email :




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