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International Support – Human Rights, in collaboration with Ilaria Arbore, is going to open a new help desk in order to provide support for LGBTI refugees from Kenya and other African countries. Ilaria Arbore has attended a Consulting Management Course at Gestalt Institute of Bologna for a year, and a course at the Faculty of Law for 4 years. She will offer her expertise to those who need help. The online service is absolutely free and anonymous.

All around the world, many countries like Uganda criminalize homosexuality and gay people are often forced to leave for long journeys to run away from their countries of origin because of violence and strong discrimination. Their only salvation is to apply for refugee status in another country, but when they do it alone and without receiving support from family or friends who go away because of homophobia, they feel confused due to lack of information.
Their frequently asked questions are: who can help me? How can I deal with all of this alone? Who will support me during this process? How will life be in the new country where I am going to live? What are the main difficulties? What about the livelihood?
Psychological support may be vital in this case. For this reason, International Support – Human Rights gives African LGBTIs access to a help desk to rely on for concrete help, to answer to all their questions and to help them in finding their own way. We take into account their diversity and their individual needs. When refugees arrive in a new country, they might be in need of medical treatments, of learning a new language, and many other useful things for their everyday life.
They can contact our help desk to get this information.
Europe has helped many LGBTI refugees to settle in European countries. With our support we are trying to make them feel at home.



  • First of all, it provides psychological support to all LGBTI people from Africa who want to apply for refugee status in other countries.


  • It helps groups to get in touch with LGBTI Rights Support Associations in other countries and provides useful addresses and other NGOs contacts in the countries of destination.


  • It gives advice on how to face a new and difficult experience in a foreign country with different habits and way of life and all sorts of problems a LGBTI person might face while being away from their loved ones.


  • It provides information about specialized medical centers in resettlement countries.


  • It organises language courses or other activities aimed at involving people in various social contexts.


  • But above all, this help desk is meant to be a place for dialogue to talk to others about your own experience and to get understood, to share your stories in order to find the right way to overcome your difficulties.


The dialogue center is managed by volunteers and is completely free of charge. The consultory was created in order to match the needs of LGBTI people so that they can have a normal life, though with some limitations imposed by social and legislative issues and the absence of their loved ones.

Ilaria Arbore will provide psychological, social and legal support through a confidential e- mail address or Skype contact created to help LGBTI people dealing with difficult situations.
Our help desk is open to everyone, anywhere in the world, no one is discriminated for their race or social problems.
The interviews will be conducted in English or Italian.
We ask you to start getting in contact through the e-mail address: refugees.lgbt.helpdek@outlook.com

to tell us at what time are you going to come, to explain your problem and to arrange a phone appointment that will be confirmed within a few days. The service is totally anonymous, your personal information is not required.
We remind you that you can send us messages about your impressions and advice on the service to give our association an opportunity to improve the quality of our service.




International Support – Human Rights


E-mail: refugees.lgbt.helpdek@outlook.com

Skype: Ilaria Arbore

Website: Support Uganda

E-mail: isp.uganda@hotmail.com


Translation by

Cristina Colella




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