Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Latin America.

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Pride LGBTI 

International Support – Human Rights (ISHR) wrote a report in order to explain the Latin American LGBTI people situation, to know the real improvement made in last years about their own rights and to understand which countries are still discriminating about them. LGBTI’s life (lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender) is not easy in some Latin American countries. Prejudice and social stereotype, together with religion, cause a very serious discrimination in some states. LGBTI people are also subjected to violence and intimidation by law enforcement and, especially in some areas of Latin America, there is a high rate of homicides. Transgender people are the most damaged.

The International Support – Human Rights study, wants to show a more complete overview of the situation. The PDF file shows a general analysis. There is a part about religion, about statistics taken from Ilga World 2017 reports and the Inter-American Commission and about the old and the latest laws regarding LGBTI people.
This study deals also with the difficulty that homosexuals still face in social integration. It tries to better understand the position of transgender people in their transition path and the daily life acceptance in their own countries.

The last International Support – Human Rights analysis, deals with some transversal themes as:

The big difference among Latin American countries after the approval of homosexual marriage and the important fight for LGBTI people rights as Argentina did. Argentina is considered the most avant-garde country about the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
The terrible difficulties still faced by LGBTI people in Jamaica and Guyana where homosexuality is still considered a crime because of the old British colonial laws.
The effort of transgender people to be accepted in some social contexts, even if there is a favorable legislation, the difficult to enter health services and a lot of exclusions and bullying episodes in schools. Other key themes are prejudice and violence exercised by law enforcement: they penalize the integration of LGBTI people, into a context that is already difficult. Religion has negative effects on many countries population, it leads to stigma and social isolation and increases hate crimes.

High levels of violence suffered in several ways by LGBTI people and discrimination against the weaker classes, reach worrying levels in some Latin American cities. Transgender people, as in many parts of the world, remain the most damaged by hate crimes and violence. Because of this we need to pay more attention to sex changing people problems. We need help from healthcare systems and more comprehension and awareness from the staff.
We tried to identify physical and mental disorders, that most commonly afflict violence and discrimination victims, in order to support them.
Collected data, reported high levels of troubling discrimination, especially about trans women.

The politicians’ role is indispensable to realize a real change into the country. Although many improvements, Latin American context is not homogeneous. Usually some anti-discrimination laws are not fully applied.
Police, healthcare professionals and teachers should contribute to improve the social context and support a better LGBTI people integration.
International Support – Human Rights  claims that discrimination against homosexuals can be overcome thanks to many people work. Stereotypes and prejudices against LGBTI people, often appear in our story. Analyzing the last few years change about rights, we realize there is a better awareness of the problem as well as a better acceptance. Many pains can be avoided.
Here below some passages of Relazione America Latina (ENG). You can download the full version by the attached PDF file.

For more information, please contact us: isp.uganda@hotmail.com
Thanks for your support!

Translation by

Rita Emili (rita.emili74@gmail.com)


International Support – Human Rights

Bologna – Brussels




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