Biografia: I am an activist for human rights, I have an experience of about 5 years in the rights for LGBTQ people, I wrote for some newspapers to online information, which I continue to do these days with "Pianeta-Queer" to disseminate information and support the cause of equality for sexual minorities. I run a personal blog of gay-themed. I live in Brussels for 3 years and I've done several experiences abroad, including Paris and Berlin, I move with ease and I love to do public relations. During my travels I spent two years in Milan and 6 months in Turin. An 'excellent interpersonal skills and desire to grow in the industry. My objective is to create a backup program that can help people who want to escape from dangerous situations such as torture and the death penalty. With people trained, informed and sensitive to the problem. I'd like to find people who are willing to support it, but also new exchanges of news and information in order to raise awareness to this problem. I currently have a partnership with St. Paul Voice Uganda, in real-time to update me on the situation of this country, but anyone wishing to join can contact me. Only really interested. I am currently in contact with Human Rights Watch, World Ilga, etc. Certi Diritti contacts that I hope to expand with your collaboration. Thanks to anyone who divide to come together to support these initiatives in order to build together a better world. Obviously I have great passion for this work, determination, good knowledge of the topics discussed in support of LGBT people, continuous updates on issues in the field of Europe and the world.

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